In a galaxy, far, far away... before findTheFont.com existed... professional designers and marketers would cry out "Where the heck can I find the font for this message?!?" And after endless searches and many hours of frustration an idea was born. It was an idea that would transform the mundane task of how to find the font we needed quickly and easily. At findTheFont.com we created a simple search engine to find the font based on general features or categories. Our site was created for US... and now we are sharing it with YOU.

Say good-bye to those confusing sites. Say good-bye to those long nights of searching. Say hello to the perfect site to help with your personal and client related projects. It's so simple, you just have to give it a try, and of course, share it with other bleary eyed designers who never want to hear the word "font" ever again!

Ah but that's not all! In the coming months we plan to roll-out new features (it will be shocking and awe-inspiring!)... we are going to add innovative tools and provide even greater support options to our users. We are about to launch out into a realm where no man has gone before... a place where happy designers can quickly find the font they are looking for so they can go on to bigger and better things. Yes that is our goal!

We are happy for YOU that you found us... and we hope to hear about your successful font finding expeditions on our site! Come back again and again to find the font you're looking for!